Dealing With Tear Stains in Dogs

Dealing With Tear Stains in Dogs: Expert Solutions

Dealing With Tear Stains in Dogs

If you are a dog owner, you may have noticed tear stains underneath your dog’s eyes. Although tear stains are common in certain dog breeds, they can be unsightly and uncomfortable for your furry friend. In this article, we will explore the causes of tear stains in dogs and discuss natural and professional treatments to prevent and remove them.

Dealing With Tear Stains in Dogs: Expert Solutions


What are Tear Stains and Why?

Tear stains are reddish-brown marks that appear under a dog’s eyes. They are caused by the overproduction of tears, which can be due to a variety of reasons such as blocked tear ducts, allergies, or ingrown eyelashes. Breeds with prominent eyes and facial hair, like Maltese, Poodles, and Shih Tzus, are more prone to tear stains.

Common Causes Of Tear Stains

  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Allergies
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Prominent eyes and facial hair

Natural Ways To Prevent Tear Stains At Home

Preventing tear stains can be done through simple, natural methods at home. Keep the area around your dog’s eyes clean and dry, and make sure your dog has a well-balanced diet with high-quality food and filtered water.

Other Ways To Prevent Tear Stains At Home

Regular grooming and keeping the fur around the eyes trimmed can help reduce tear stains. Additionally, using stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowls can minimize potential allergic reactions that may cause excessive tearing.

Medicated Preventions For Tear Stains; Do I Use Them?

There are various medicated products available in the market for preventing tear stains. Consult with your veterinarian to see if these are suitable for your dog’s individual needs.

Professional Treatments for Tear Stains

If the natural and home remedies do not effectively remove tear stains from your dog’s face, you may want to consider professional treatments. Many groomers offer specialized spa treatments designed to remove tear stains, such as gentle cleaning solutions and innovative techniques to improve the appearance of tear stains.

Tear Stain Products

There are various products available in the market to help manage and remove tear stains. These include tear stain removers, wipes, gentle washes, and oral supplements. Some popular brands include Burt’s Bees, Zesty Paws, and Angels Eyes, offering a range of products to cater to different needs and preferences.

Home-made Tear Stain Removers

If you prefer DIY solutions, there are simple home-made tear stain removers you can try. Ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, and coconut oil can be used in combination to create safe and effective tear stain removal solutions.

Dealing With Tear Stains in Dogs: Expert Solutions


Preventing Tear Stains through Diet

Some dog foods, particularly those containing red meats, can intensify tear stains. Consider eliminating red meats from your pet’s diet and explore alternative protein sources to see if it helps in reducing tear stains.

By taking these measures to prevent and remove tear stains, you can keep your dog comfortable and healthy, while ensuring their eyes remain bright and clear.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dealing With Tear Stains In Dogs: Expert Solutions

How Do You Get Rid Of Tear Stains On A Dog?

To get rid of tear stains on a dog’s face, use an eye wash wipe to gently clean the area around the eyes. You can also try using pre-made options like Opti-Clear or Bio True. A DIY option is to mix one tablespoon of boric acid powder with one cup of distilled water.

Remember to refrigerate the mixture and make a fresh batch weekly. Preventive measures include ensuring a clean and balanced diet for your dog.

What Do Groomers Use To Get Rid Of Tear Stains?

Groomers use tear stain remover solutions or wipes to get rid of tear stains effectively. These spa treatments target tear stains and are often followed up with at-home care tips for continued success.

How Do You Get Rid Of Tear Stains On A Dog’s Eye Naturally?

To naturally remove tear stains on a dog’s eye, use an eye wash wipe or make a solution with boric acid and distilled water. Keep refrigerated and remake weekly for best results. Dog groomers may offer spa treatments for tear stain removal as well.

What Foods Cause Tear Stains In Dogs?

Some foods that can cause tear stains in dogs include red meats, which are high in iron. If your dog is prone to tear stains, you may want to consider eliminating red meats from their diet to see if it helps.

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